An after-school virtual program that can train your kid to impact billions.

WEEXPOINDIA is partnering with TKS to hunt India’s future leaders to solve some of the world’s important problems.

First ever global partnership to provide opportunities for Indian students of age 11-18 years to work with cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Genomics, Human Longevity, Quantum Computing, so that they can solve some of the world’s most important problems.

Candidates will be selected through a combination of drive, curiosity and problem-solving eagerness.


What's in it for you?

  • All Applicants will get an exclusive ticket for the virtual interactive session of TKS Talks Fall and Winter Edition Talks - featuring a prominent executive from a major tech company. Speakers include Ray Mastrapa - Lead Engineer at SpaceX, Scott Penberthy, Director of Applied AI at Google and more.
  • Get a chance to intern with Google, Microsoft, SpaceX, IBM and more.
  • Avail $500 scholarship through WEEXPO



Age (11-18 Years)

Problem-solving Eagerness

Drive, Curiosity, and Commitment

Learn about exponential technologies that are changing the world

During sessions, you’ll learn about new technologies through discussions, problems, and presentations. You’ll get training on how to learn about complex topics in a short amount of time, and then deliver a TED-style presentation on what you learned. These sessions are highly engaging and not lecture-based. You will be working with teams to discover new solutions to old problems.

What happens in sessions?

Ah yes, the big question. There are 4 main types of sessions: tech/science, challenges, hackathons, and philosophy. We're not a typical STEM program, we're a human accelerator. Our sessions are very interactive and we don't do lectures. This isn't like school.

Are you curious
enough to win this?

  • Apply now and receive an email from TKS inviting you to the application process.
  • The application process takes only 20 minutes to complete and Aug 7 is the last day for submitting the application.
  • Only candidates selected through WEEXPO are eligible for the $500 scholarship and other benefits.
  • WEEXPO has no influence over the selection process and submitting the application does not warrant to selection to the program.
  • For any queries, please email to

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